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Occasionally makers of Designer Brand Fragrances produce samples of their products, usually contained in small glass bottles known in the industry as 'Sample Vials'.

Sometimes these Vials may be marked or stamped "Not for Resale" or " Sample Only". Perfume Sample Vials are perfect little samples of the original fragrance and are a great inexpensive way for you to try before you buy a full bottle. Unfortunately they are not FREE because the manufacturers charge for them. Many are supposed to be for Department stores and promotions only but we are able to obtain them from time to time and make them available here for our valued customers at

Perfume Samples

Please note that all of our sample perfume Vials are 100% ORIGINAL in every way, absolutely perfect & have NEVER been used. We guarantee it. The actual fragrance is exactly the same as in the standard full priced bottle. There can be NO difference.

Important Notice: Perfume sample vials are never filled 100% to the top by the manufacturers due to regulations on transporting liquids that contain alcohol. They are usually filled around 75% of the containers volume.

Some of our customers valued feedback:

What a cool idea. I got to try out some nice brands I had never seen in the stores & found the 'Boss for Women' to be my fav. Kelly B, NSW.

My hubby does not let me spray testers on him when we are shopping but he was okay to try some these little samples I ordered in the mail. Joyce R, Gosford.

Wow, thanks, now I have many to decide with. Your customer service girl was nice on the phone today when I rang too, so thanks Carolyn? sorry if I got your name wrong honey :) Pam T Unley, SA

I actually collect perfume vials which might seem a little weird. My mother started doing it years ago. Some brands are really hard to get and rare. When they are released for a new launch you never see most much again. I picked up a few here I haven't got yet s0 thanks Mr and I'll bookmark you to keep checking. You may also email me with anything new you get in too. Jenny B Doncaster VIC

Perfume is so darn expensive and I live/work on my parents cattle station in the middle of nowhere lol Us girls never get a chance to visit fancy shops. so being able to order trial samples online to try out first was a perfect idea. I wanna test them all though J Tyron NT

Hey I consider that such samples should be free to try. But I appreciate the perfume companies would always want to charge $ fro them otherwise we'd all just keep asking for samples hehe! They were really well packed too, so thanks. Audrey TK Sydney NSW