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Welcome to the - Women’s online perfume category. We have thousands of ladies perfume to choose from. You will find all the top designer brands from around the world including France, Italy, USA, and all at really great discount prices. All of our stock is guaranteed 100% original, exactly the same quality as you would find in department stores. Shop here with ease at Australia’s leading online perfume shop for all the best deals and largest range of Women’s fragrances.


More about Women's Perfume

So what are the reasons that women not only in Australia but worldwide, love and always have admired quality fragrances?

According to some investigations it all has to do with Pheromones that female bodies make. Pheromones are a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by humans, and they affect the behaviour and/or physiology of others around them.

It is believed that certain ingredients namely raw essential oils that are contained in perfumes, may regulate the production of pheromone levels to the extent that they help to trigger an increase. This extra release in turn heightens attraction from surrounding people, particularly the opposite sex resulting in extra attention of a pleasant nature. Most women in the western world will wear perfume at least once a week, and many as often as every single day.

When women are asked why they wear perfume they will usually explain it makes them feel good and increases confidence levels and general well being. It is hard to imagine these days a women not wearing perfume when going off to a working environment or out to any social occasion.

The good news is that the cost of quality perfume has dramatically dropped over the past years in Australia, due to many factors, and this has enabled Australian women to buy perfume and wear it more often as it is less of an expensive luxury item that what it once was.