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Are you looking for a unique present this year
and maybe something for yourself too?

For every bottle of 'Flourish' perfume you purchase up until Christmas Day we will send you another bottle absolutely FREE. That's 2 for the price of 1.


Flourish $10 off voucher
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EXCLUSIVE to A lush floral bouquet, delicately blended with sparkling fruity scents and alluring woods. Sensual, captivating and lovely to wear.

Flourish® includes top notes of Lime and Orange that transition to a gentle heart of White Floral, Jasmine, Aniseed, and Geranium, warming to a golden base of Vetivert, Patchouli and Vanilla.

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Flourish Perfume at LARGE BOTTLE

Customer Reviews:

"Absolutely luscious. And very, very different than anything I have ever experienced. Sultry, woodsy, sensuous, earthy, but not overpowering. My husband loved it as well. You've got a winner here". Denise

"I love Flourish. It's my new trademark scent. Thank you for creating it". Ellen
"This perfume is so refreshing with the rose, Flourish is outstanding the sample was so lovely thank you! Even my husband loves it".

"I received my bottle of Flourish and you weren't wrong.....the scent is truly out of this world. It's magical. ... this one knocked my socks of." Mindy

"I bought this 2 weeks ago, & have worn it everyday at work & the girls just keep commenting how beautiful it smelt so i gave them some sample & the girls @ gave me so i shared my secret. I have sent them all the web site & now they are talking about a road trip out to Bayswater. This is now one of my top perfumes!!" Monica

Flourish® is a registered trademark of Flourish Fragrances.

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